Hi Everyone… trying to continue our Chat

Fun to meet up...Many of us find that going to FAN Meetings makes the day better!  It will work for people who need what it offers.  Sometimes we are glad to have a reason to go out.  Other times we are glad to feel we can help others and we know that we have spoken to someone in FAN who wanted to connect to someone else and tell us something about themselves – perhaps something good or bad that happened in the week.

Remember to tell people about FAN Meetings in and around Cardiff, Barry and Newport and S.E. Wales – or if you know someone near St. Neot’s there is a friendly FAN Group there.  If you look on Facebook FAN Group page or on the website http://www.thefancharity.org you can see all the FAN Meetings.

Many people feel shy about going the first few times.  It can be great if someone takes them once or twice.  They soon get confident and come on their own.  The more people we encourage to go to FAN Group meetings the better our community can be for anyone who needs.  We know in FAN that people are very kind and sympathetic.  Some days lots of people don’t feel that.  In FAN we can see that we are all human.  Sometimes we are kind and sometimes we are thinking about things in our own lives – but we learn to help each other by listening.

Some people like FAN because it really helps them to improve their English.  Other local people say FAN Meetings have helped them when they struggled to give up alcohol or smoking or food.  Loneliness does not help if you are struggling.  In FAN you will find people who encourage you when you are challenging yourself to live a better life.

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